Chapter 9

Before reading this chapter just to recap a little 

The three chiefs of Alt go to the Tsarn(house of the wisers) to seek their counsel about the Oracle. 

” You must be really desperate to come here” said Foss . The grand master was looking at Tonzo with a stern look on his face, his eyes clearly showed signs of drowsiness . He looked quite thin for his age , he probably would have had a comely face when he was a youth. ” I thought I told you to never come back here didn’t I Tonzo?”.

Tonzo looked back at him and said nothing .

“Go away , I want nothing to do with you”.

“Since when did you start answering your own doors ?”said Lanno trying to suppress the hostility. 

“Well it isn’t everyday that the great chiefs of Alt are at your door now is it ?” with a look of sarcasm .  

“Why are you here?”asked the grand master scowling at Tonzo .” Are you here to take away the rest of what i have left ?”. 

“We’re here for your counsel and nothing else” said Leor . 

“Let them in grand master , they wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t important ” said another voice which came from inside the Tsarn . Suddenly Vern appeared at the door . He was wearing the robe of the wisers which was a red slik robe which had a sleeve till the wrist and the bottom extended till his ankle .The wisers were always barefoot . All three of them were bald . That was the first thing the wisers had to do after they took their vows . Shaving their hair off was a symbol of leaving the old life behind . Three of them had different professions before they became wisers . Vern was a lumberjack , Ruff was a smith and the grand master… What was he ? thought Lanno . 

“I don’t care if the sky is falling on our heads , I want nothing to do with them” shouted the grand master and walked back inside .

He was wearing the red robe of the wisers made of silk . On the back of the robe was the symbol of the wisers which was a hand with the thumb and little finger outstretched and the other three fingers close together . The three fingers represented the three wisers the middle finger being the grand master , the outstretched thumb represented the chiefs and the little finger represented the common villager . Unity, thats what that symbol stood for  thought Lanno. It all ended after he died . 

“Its about the Oracle” blurted Lanno. Foss stopped suddenly and both Tonzo and Leor looked at Lanno.

Did I just say that ?  thought Lanno. “What about the Oracle ?” asked Foss with his back still facing them . “We have found him” Lanno replied . 

He laughed . He turned around and faced them ” Oh did you ? , well I found a kraken in my leek soup today. It was the size of my little finger it was ,and do you know what i did with it ? I put a stick into its belly and cooked it on the fire in the fireplace. It didn’t taste very good though.” He laughed again “This is the most I have laughed in years ” he said. 

Vern just looked at the ground and said nothing. Foss turned away again and walked away. 

“He has the mark “said Tonzo “A Circular stone with three swords piercing it “said Tonzo . 

Foss stopped again and looked at Vern.

Vern was looking back at him. “Could it be?” Vern asked the grand master . Foss turned towards the chiefs “Tonzo” he began “We will look into this matter but do not think for a moment that i have forgiven you for what happened in the past”. Tonzo gave a sorrowful nod . 

He then turned to Vern “Show them in”.


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