Chapter 8


Finally the day arrived . Not that any of them were looking forward to it, but they had no choice.  Lanno got up earlier than usual and went out for a walk. The whole time he kept thinking about the meeting with the wisers ,the guy who apparently was the Oracle, how would they react ?, would they help them or not . Lanno would sometimes be really pessimistic about certain things.  It had been a long time since anyone had even seen the wisers. They would just sit in that old house of theirs either reading or debating the whole time. No one was allowed to enter the Tsarn except the chiefs or wise men from other villages.  

The villagers would leave their leftovers from their meals outside their house . Not because they liked them but out of respect for them. This was a practice followed by all the villages. The wisers were never interested in food , they just saw it as something they needed to survive thats all.

As he kept on walking and thinking about these matters. He found himself outside Tonzo’s house . He knew he would be training at this time . 

He found him practicing his sword skills on a wooden doll in the space behind his house  .

“Can’t sleep huh?”  said Tonzo , putting the sword back into its sheath.

” No” said Lanno. ” Couldn’t stop thinking about today’s meeting “.

“What are you so worried about ? ” asked Tonzo ” It’s me they detest”.

There was a pause. Lanno didn’t know what to say to that, he changed the subject back to the meeting. 

“It’s just that we have never come across a situation like this , I feel unprepared…” 

“No one can prepare you for something like this, and besides you’re being more pessimistic than usual ” said Tonzo.  Lanno laughed “I guess i just don’t want to mess this up” .

” Cheer up. It’ll be fine” said Tonzo. 

“I guess so, I’ll see you at the Tsarn ” saying that he left for home and Tonzo went back to his training. 

Later that morning the three of them gathered outside the Tsarn.  All three of them were were wearing the chiefs robe , black breeches and blue overcoat and  a green scarf. Every chief had to wear this when they when they would tend to village affairs. 

Tonzo knocked the door three times .

“Who is it ?” shouted a voice from the inside.

“We are the chiefs of Alt , Chief Lanno, Chief Leor, Chief Tonzo ” shouted Tonzo. 

“Why are you here?” asked the voice. 

“We seek guidance ”  Tonzo shouted back. 

“The great Tonzo seeks guidance ?, isn’t that something” said another voice which Tonzo knew all too well. 

The door opened and the three of them walked in.

He was the first person they saw , sitting at the heard of the table with a bunch of scrolls scattered around him.  

“Grand Master , it’s been a long time “said Tonzo. 

“Ages” said the Grand Master


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