Chapter 7

The Oracle   

He found himself in a burning village . 

Screams , that was all he could hear . He saw  people running out of their burning houses.  A woman came running towards  him. She took him by the hand and said ” We need to get out of here son” and started running taking him along .They had almost reached the entrance of the village and suddenly they saw a man towering over them . He just appeared out of nowhere.  His face couldn’t be seen because of his mask . He first looked at the woman then at him. The man began to raise his right fist which suddenly burst into flames . 

When he looked at it closely the flame wasn’t burning the man’s  hand . The woman drew him closer and looked at the man with fear and shouted ” No , I won’t let you take him”.

The man looked at  him,  and from  his eyes he  could tell that he was smiling beneath his mask. “We’ve been looking all over for you ” the man said to him . He pulled the woman away from him with his left hand and  slammed his  right burning fist through the woman’s chest . That was when he woke up screaming.


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