Chapter 6 


‘Military without borders’ thats what they were . ‘The Unknown’ that was the name of their organisation. 

The reason they were called that was that nobody knew that they existed.  They were only spoken about in whispers .

They were a widespread organisation who had their people everywhere.  No one could ever directly get in touch with them . They would have their intermediaries everywhere.

They were the people who would get them their tasks. 

Max had been with them for almost seven years . He was taken in when he was 6. 

He had never been on a mission.  He wasn’t ready , thats what Clarke kept telling him. Which would make him angry every single time. Still ,he continued to train all those years . He would begin training at dawn till early in the afternoon.  Then after his meal he would wander around the town looking for jobs. Jobs like buying something from the bazaar , lumberjack, stable jobs etc . Basically jobs that would get him his daily wages. 

After his jobs he would go back to to their hideout. Their hideout was below 4 hovels  ,2 on each side of the road . So there were secret passages in each of the hovels which led to the hideout . 

Max was living with Clarke in one of the hovels and posed as his son. 

He walked into his home and went toward  the painting on the wall, he took it down and pulled the lever that was behind it and  a trapdoor opened in the ground to his left . Stairs led down below. When he got to the bottom he found Clarke holding a parchment with a surprised look on his face . 

“Where are the others ?” Max asked . 

“Out on other missions ” he replied still maintaining the look.

“Is everything okay?”asked Max. 

“We’ve got a mission ” he said putting the parchment down. 

Now it was Max’s turn to be surprised “We?”he said . ” Yes we , the others aren’t here and this is a two man job” .

“You think I’m ready?”.

“Of course you are , I trained you after all” replied Clarke. 

“Okay, what is it ?” said Max getting excited .

“Word is that the Oracle has been found in Alt” said Clarke. 

“The Oracle?” said Max with a bewildered face” Wasn’t that just a myth?”.

“Apparently not “said Clarke. 

” So our job is to …?”

“Kidnap him” said Clarke.” We have to kidnap the Oracle “.


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