Chapter 5


“The wisers ? ” said Mother . “Why would they want to consult the wisers ?. You know they aren’t going to easily help you right ?” .

“I do ” said Father. ” Them and that condescension of theirs. Me and Tonzo have no idea how Leor plans to talk to them . There hasn’t been a conversation between the wisers and chiefs since …”

“Yes I know” replied Mother . 

Damn, thought Seia . The chiefs were serious when they swore never to tell anyone about it . It had something to do with the disagreement between Chief Tonzo and  Chief Ralphon , the partition of the village . Never did the chiefs tell anyone what the cause was. Since then Seia had always been curious and tried to find out the cause by eavesdropping any conversation that the Chiefs had . 

“I know you’re there Seia “shouted her father. Damn, she thought. She crawled out from under the table in the next room and walked into the living room. “How many times have I told you , I know when you eavesdrop “said Lanno.

“But how?”said Seia with a clueless look on her face . 

“I just know” grinned Lanno.” I’ve told you many times , don’t poke your nose into matters that don’t concern you. Now go out and play.”

” I don’t wanna go out ” she said with an angry look on her face . “You will do as i tell you”said her father sternly “Now go.”

She walked to the door ,opened it and slammed it shut behind her.  

She walked to the square and saw the other children playing most of them were her age between 10 and 12 years. All day they would just run around and play with their dolls , which she hated. She didn’t even know half the children’s names except Leor and Dican who were the grandchildren of Chief Leor. 

She wasn’t a very social person in that way, she probably got that from her father.

She walked right past the square and made her way to the forest and found the tree with the ‘X’ mark on it . She reached into the hollow of the tree and brought it out . ‘Mynah’ ,thats what she called it as the hilt and the scabbard both were a mixture of brown and black in it . Girls in Alt weren’t allowed to touch a sword till they turned 13. But Seia being the rebel that she was had started to learn when she was 7 and kept on training till now .She probably was the only 11 year old  in the whole village who knew how to use a sword.

 She found Mynah lying in the armory and fell in love with it as soon as she saw it .

 What was surprising was that nobody report it missing ,must not have been important to anyone.

She kept walking towards the centre of the  forest till she found the clearing where she would practice . And there he was , sharpening his sword. He looked up as she walked closer to him . “I thought we weren’t going to train today  ” he said . 

“Father and Mother wanted me out of the house”she said “Probably didn’t want me listening to their ‘private’ conversation. 

“Ahhhh” he said “Anyway , shall we begin?”.

“Yes” she responded and unsheathed her sword.


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