Chapter 4


“Yes Chief” that was Heth’s life in a nutshell.

Chief Ralphon was always his first priority. He could tell Heth to do anything at any time of the day and he would drop whatever he was doing and run to his master.

The sole purpose of his life was to serve his master. 

He would get up early in the morning and get the water ready for his master’s bath while he would be out training. He knew his master’s routine by heart . 

He would wake up early in the morning when it was still dark outside , train till the sun came up. By the time he came in Heth would have had the water readyx for his bath. While he was taking a bath Heth would prepare his breakfast. He’d then eat, get dressed and go to the court house where different cases were presented which he would settle. This would go on till noon. At noon he would come back home and Heth would have his lunch ready.

After lunch he would go to the square to train the children. ” War does not come with a warning ” that’s what he always said . He would make it a point that every single person was ready to fight at a moment’s notice. He made sure that everyone continued their training including women. 

The training would go on till evening after which he would come back for dinner.

He would then go out for an evening walk come back have a snack, something light and go to sleep. This was his routine and he would never deviate from it not even a bit . He was the most organized person that Heth had ever known . This was one of the reasons why he looked up to his master. He would often tell Heth ” Heth , you are responsible for taking care of this house the way I am responsible for taking care of every house in Frenzo”.


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