Chapter 3 


“Chief”shouted Heth running towards the chiefs tent with a scroll in hand. Only the elders and the chief were in the tent .”What is it  Heth?” he shouted .

“No Chief ” he paused for a moment to catch his breath. “I have just received news from our spy”. the whole tent fell silent. 

“What is it ?” said Ralphon. Only the elders of the village, the chief and Heth knew about the spy. But only Ralphon knew  the spy’s identity. 

Heth took the scroll and held it over the fire  that was outside the tent and the message began to appear.  ” I have said this before and I  will say it again I have   

never seen an amazing method as this to code messages.” 

Ralphon paid no attention to that comment .” So what does it say?”

“An unidentified man has been found at border of our village and the village of the Alts” said Heth.   

” Interesting ” said Ralphon. ” It gets better” said Heth.” “Apparently this man has no memory of himself whatsoever.  He can’t even remember his own name.” 

This got Ralphon thinking , he had never known that someone could actually loose his memory. 

Heth continued ” It also says here that his chest bears the mark of the mythical oracle”.

“The Oracle?”said Ralphon ” You’re right, it is interesting.”

“Are you sure you can trust this ‘spy’ of yours ?”said Hauberk. Hauberk was the eldest and was considered to be the wisest of the three elders. 

“I trust my spy more than I trust any of you” said Ralphon sternly and scowled at Hauberk. 

“It also says that all this was announced at the square”said Heth.

“Hah”said Julo who was the second eldest among the three. “Then the information is not really secret is it then?”. 

“Secret or not, it is information , and whoever this man is Tonzo must be really clueless regarding this matter that he announced it to the public”. 

“So what do we do now Chief ? ” asked Heth.

“We wait , we wait till Tonzo asks us for help” said Ralphon with a small grin on his face.  

Lorne who was the youngest of the elders asked him ” How can you be so sure that he would ask you for help” 

Ralphon replied with a smile on his face “I just know , he’s my student after all” .


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