Chapter 2 


“This is gonna take a while” Lanno thought. ” What if he’s a spy?” Hauberk shouted. “He can’t be a spy, He has the mark of the Oracle you fool ” Tonzo shouted back. After the meeting in the square a lot of people had come to the chieftains tent to share their opinions about what needs to be done . Not that any of these ‘opinions’ of theirs helped. They were probably just excited that something was actually happening in this village. The Oracle was present too , he didn’t seem very happy though, everyone kept looking at him like he was a strange creature . He sat alone, they were too afraid to sit next to him. 

Leor sat silently ,thinking , Lanno always considered him to be the wisest among the three of them. Tonzo would probably disagree. 

Lanno’s wife Kat and daughter Seia were in the tent among the crowd as well . Seia was sitting alone isolated from the other kids , She was never the mingling type. She was like her father that way. Her mother Kat on the other hand was as social as any one  could ever be . Whenever there was a meeting at the sqaure she would make it a point to meet every single person present there .

Lanno himself didn’t know what to do. He thought the the Oracle was just a legend . No one had seen the Oracle for a thousand years . Suddenly Leor stood up “Everyone get out of the tent ” he shouted. “Me and the other chieftains must confer”.

There was a lot of grumbling and shouting but finally everyone left. Only the chieftains and the Oracle remained. 

Leor sat down and called Tonzo and Lanno towards him . 

“I think we should consult them” he said . 

” Them?” Tonzo said surprised. ” You know the village won’t approve of that “. 

“Well , we are the ones who take the decisions , that’s the reason why we were chosen to be the chieftains of this village,  because they trust that our decisions would be the right decisions “Leor said . He looked at  Lanno and nodded . Lanno nodded back . “Okay I guess we have no choice ” Tonzo said. The Oracle had a bewildered look on his face . ” Who are you talking about ?”he asked.   “The Wisers”Tonzo replied . ” We have a history ” .


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