Chapter 0


“He’s waking up”, “Quick call the chief”. Slowly as I began to sit up I felt people’s eyes staring at me with a bewildered look . They sat surrounding me.  A moment later they began to move , like they were making way for someone. Then I saw him it didn’t take me long to figure out who he was.

He was tall, lean reasonably built. His hair was of a peculiar colour, It was red but not the colour red heads usually have it was red like wine. His moustache also had a tinge of red in it .

“Hail chief Leor” they shouted . He looked at me examined me from head to toe.

He to looked at my chest, thats when I realised I didn’t have a anything  on.I didn’t realise what he was starting at till I looked at it myself. There it was,a circular stone at the centre with three swords piercing it .

“Who are you ?Why have you come here?” he asked. I opened my mouth to answer. ”I’m…” .

I couldn’t remember.


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